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Extended Services

As well as providing PPA cover, we are proud to offer a range of additional services to our schools. For further details on any of our extended services please click the below links.  

Extra Curricular Clubs (School or parent funded)


Start the day in style with our active breakfast clubs. Our team will provide your children with a combination of early morning exercise and a healthy, nutritional breakfast to kick start the day ahead. Starting the day with exercise not only encourages children to live a healthy and active lifestyle but also helps stimulate the brain which in turn, supports their concentration in class. What better way to start the day than with a Superstar Sports active breakfast club?


Lunchtime clubs are the perfect way to keep the children in your school entertained and active throughout their lunch break. Lunchtime clubs have proved to increase participation in sport, contribute towards positive behaviour at lunchtimes as well as give all children the opportunity to play with & make friends. Our enthusiastic coaches will set up games & activities for your children to take part in & can even use this time to teach children important leadership skills!

After School

Superstar Sports is committed in supporting children in leading healthy and active lifestyles and we believe this can be achieved through extra-curricular activities at your child’s school. We offer after school clubs at various schools across Hampshire and they are the perfect way for your children to have fun, stay fit, be safe, make new friends and learn after school! During all our clubs we deliver range of fun exciting games to build confidence, social skills and improve fitness.

 Core/Postural Stability Program - It's a Game Changer

In 2013, Superstar Sports were asked to put together a study that looks at the core physical development of children by a national leader of education. The study was created to determine whether an intervention that focused on improving the core/postural stability of children would have an impact on their academic studies. After 2 years of intervention, the results and impact were eye opening. 

The Theory

When our case study was initially put together we compared results from two different year groups, targeting the youngest children in KS1 & KS2. 

The Course

Before the intervention, each child in the chosen year group is put through a basic test to determine their core strength levels. Children who's outcomes of the test fall below our baseline take part in our daily, 15 minute progressional intervention. Each half term children will be re-tested to track their progress before eventually taking part in an end of year test with their peers.

The Impact

Since our core program launched fully in 2015, more than 300 children have taken part in the intervention. Of the 300, 281 of them have at least caught up with their peers by the end of the academic  year - based on the end of year outcomes give a success rate of almost 94%. Not only are we seeing increased physical knowledge but we are also seeing overwhelming evidence of improved academic attainment for the children that have taken part in the intervention. Here's what some of their teachers have said...

I literally cannot believe the difference in Ruby in 10 months. Since taking part in the intervention, she sits up correctly in her chair and doesn't slouch and holds her pen correctly - sounds silly I know! These two factors alone are having a huge impact on her learning

Class Teacher - Holy Family Catholic Primary School

I work closely with Liam on a daily basis and the impact that his PE intervention is having on him is incredible. Liam has always struggled physically sometimes with small things such as standing up after being sat on his carpet space. He always struggled in PE but his improvement in his basic core has given him so much confidence both physically and mentally.

1 to 1 Teaching Assistant - Redbridge Primary School

The Sustainability 

In order to support the sustainability of the program, Superstar Sports will provide regular training to wider school staff to support the delivery of the program. We will also provide detailed activity cards to enable your school to continue its hard work for many years to come without the need for a specialist. The resources and training features of the program may also be purchased  as their own entity.

Celebration Days

Our celebration days are guaranteed to give your children a truly memorable experience. Whether they are high attenders, house winners, school leavers or just deserve it, our energy busting activity days are the perfect way to celebrate your children. With a range of activities, inflatables and challenges throughout the day, its no wonder that some schools book their chosen day over a year in advance!

Leadership Programs (Sports Leaders & Play Leaders)

Our leadership programs are  a fantastic way to engage children in both school sport and active play. Children will work regularly with our inspiring staff to enhance their leadership qualities for the benefit of them and other pupils in the school. Our leadership program will teach children: how to encourage fair play, play to rules, the importance of preparation, deal with confrontation, be creative and engrain life-long social skills.