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Superstars are born at school

School Clubs

Does your school promote children leading active lifestyles? What better way to get more out of your day than an extra-curricular activity! Superstar Sports is committed in supporting children in leading healthy and active lifestyles and we believe this can be achieved through extra-curricular activities.

We offer a range of after school, breakfast and lunchtime clubs. Our clubs not only offer opportunities for children to take part in sport outside of school but also to experience fun, make new friends and learn new skills. Our after school clubs are hugely popular and clubs can be delivered in almost any sport or performing art.

For a full list of and details of after school clubs at your school please click here. Superstar Sports don't deliver clubs at your child's school? Recommend us to the Headteacher of your school and we'll do our best to offer our services to the school.

Superstars are born at school
Superstarsports Gymnastics Balance Beam
Superstarsports Gymnastics Arms Up Pose
Superstarsports Party Arms Up With Football
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Superstarsports Gymnastics Bow
Superstarsports Gymnastics Balance Beam Splits