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Our specialised academies are the perfect stepping stone to a successful future in your child's desired field. Expert coaches develop athletes and performers to a high standard to enable them to learn the skills required in order to be a cut above the rest. The journey to becoming a superstar begins here!

Superstar Soccer

Boys and girls of all abilities aged 4-12 are encouraged to join our weekly progression based academy. Children will have the opportunity to work closely with an experienced football coach in order to make successful progress and to support them in their future football experiences. Young footballers are grouped to support individual needs. Within the groups, children are regularly challenged to develop their technical, tactical, physical, mental and social side of the game. At present, 7 players that are part of our academy have been signed to professional clubs.

Superstar Gymnastics

Our highly qualified and experienced coaches will not only enable your child to develop flexibility, strength and agility but also to ensure that all members make outstanding progress, making them the best gymnastics they can be! Our newly established Gymnastics Centre will give your child the opportunity to learn a range of skills, use a variety of gymnastics apparatus and have a great time! Our gymnasts will also work towards and achieve the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards as well as work towards being a part of our Gymnastics Squad where more advanced training is delivered.

Superstar Stage School

Our coaches offer stimulation and ways in which children can express their creativity in a secure environment. Children are encouraged to develop their individual talents in the performing arts. During each weekly session, children will be given the opportunity to take part in fun activities based around singing, dancing and acting. Each year, Superstar Stage School put on a production to allow children to show off what they have been learning. As well as putting on a production, we also put together short plays and small variety shows where children are able to show off what they have achieved to an audience.

The Dream Starts Now
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