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Outstanding Coaches are the key to success

About Us

Superstar Sports was born in 2010 by providing afterschool clubs and PPA cover to a small number of schools across Hampshire. The company has gone from strength to strength to ensure that children are exposed to outstanding specialised sports coaching.

Currently, we provide sports coaching in the form of CPD and PPA cover to over 20 schools and organisations. As well as providing CPD and PPA cover, we also offer specialised academies for football, gymnastics and the performing arts at different locations across Hampshire. Outside of term time, we also host holiday courses for a range of sports such as multi-sports, gymnastics, biking, dance and many more.

From the very beginning, the quality of coaching has been our priority; our coaches are truly the best in the business. This high quality coaching allows us to provide a platform which enables participants to enhance their skills sets through sport.

Over recent years there has been a huge increase in demand for specialised sports coaching. Because of this, we have been able to recruit multiple numbers of new, outstanding coaches that specialise in different areas of sport. The addition of new coaches has allowed for a variety of new services, including a wide range of new sports, to be offered.

Our Coaches

Superstar Sports would not be as successful as it is without our fantastic coaching team. We have many coaches that are qualified and experienced in a range of sports. Coaches are regularly offered training, where they work alongside our more experienced coaches to gain the necessary experience to take groups of their own.

Furthermore, they are regularly monitored to ensure we have the best possible standards at all times. Our coaches are able to build excellent relationships in a short period of time with both children and parents. With bags of enthusiasm and a passion for coaching like no other, our coaches truly are the best in the business.

Outstanding Coaches are the key to success
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